Rob's Former Puzzle Pages Archive / Voormalig Puzzel Pagina's Archief

This page contains all kinds of (probably dead) links related to puzzle pages.

The contents of this page is still, except for this introduction, the same as at its previous location but is no longer maintained.

Most of the links here were once or are still in my bookmark list or were picked up from messages in the Rec.puzzles Newsgroup

If you are looker for help you solve puzzles and/or riddles: Since most of them are oldies anyway, their answers can often be found in the FAQ from the Rec.puzzles Newsgroup, or, if not, the questions will get far more attention over there.

The Puzzle Categories:

Mechanical: burrs, wire, Rubik etc.
To Buy: mainly mechanical, some jigsaw (commercial,mailorder)
Riddles, Mathematical etc.
Java Implementations
More about games rather than about puzzles
Once recently found
Newsgroups and Mailing lists

Mechanical: burrs, wire, Rubik etc.


Puzzle World by John Rausch !
Museum of Puzzles & Puzzling Objects by James Dalgety
Bibliography of mechanical puzzle books by Mike Hatalski
The Directory of Mechanical Puzzle Collectors


Soma by Thorleif
Polyominoes by Jan Kok
Hexiamond homepage
Tantrix: puzzle or game ? by Howard Ship
Try it here
Some free computer jigsaw puzzles

Rubik like:

Mag's Cube solution or here ? maybe via new location ?
Apparently the official Rubik site.
Bagley's MS Windows implementations of a lot of mechanical Rubik like puzzles or the X version (xpuzzles-5.4.3.tgz ?)
Meffert's Puzzles

Rubik's Cube theory by Alan Hensel
Speed cubing and Pretty patterns
Rubik's data
Rubik Gallery
Jared Weinberger's collection of Sliding Block Puzzles (Win95 only)


The page for links to Puzzle boxes (and not related to the film hellraiser)
MOre puzzle boxes here by John Finch
Lights out page
The Burr puzzles site
Tom Longtin's page contains many rendered pictures of 3D models including some (hard ?) to build 3D puzzle prototypes
Dirk Laureyssens Wirrel Warrel Puzzel/Happy Cube
A list of sites by Christian

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To Buy: mainly mechanical, some jigsaw (commercial,mailorder)

[Standard Disclaimer with regard to liability etc....]

Large variety

Beautifully crafted wooden and therefore expensive puzzles at IP: interlocking puzzles
Besides a nice catalog, the puzzles alone are worth a visit to Bits-and-Pieces
Mostly polyform based puzzles and games at Kadon Enterprises
Puzzle-Shop (in Germany)
Binary Arts (The Smart Toy People) (you can find lots of these in toyshops)
To Help Minds Grow (tm) (closed down, apart from customer support)
Puzzletts: Puzzles and Brainteasers (It used to be very good, but I have seen several complaints. Note that some time ago delivery did take quite long)
Some original designs and also many old favourites by Mr Puzzle in Australia even with some limited edition puzzles.
Puzzles Downunder by Greg White.

Only in wood

Trevor Wood
Kamei's karakuri
Puzzles from Japan: Izumiya
(set View - Encoding or whatever to Japanese Shift-JIS)(I do not know whether they do international orders)
Amongst other puzzles also some puzzleboxes at Cleverwood Crafts Woodworks
More puzzleboxes here
The page for links to Puzzle boxes (and not related to the film hellraiser)
Build your own puzzlebox ?

Wire and string

Unique wire designs by Rick Irby
Livewire Puzzles
The puzzle and craft factory
Tavern Puzzles from Tucker-Jones House Inc.
Parlor Puzzles
Architest nail puzzles
Timber Novelty

Rubik like:

HockeyPuck puzzle
Tiger Electronics, Inc. (the makers of lights out)

Jigsaws, shape matching, polyform

Pentaplex - puzzles for the puzzle minded (penrose tiling puzzles)
Imagination Project Shape matching puzzles
Cut your way through the Jigsaw Jungle in Canada (one with a large variety)
also a Jigsaw newsletter
Handsawn jigsaws by Mark Gaetano Cappitella or MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Harry Fearnley's links to the Kadon Enterprises 1995-1996 Catalogue (expensive,mostly polyform, puzzles)
Jig-saw puzzles at Shop Around the Clock ?
Wrebbit's 3D Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaws by White Mountain Puzzles
3D Checkerboard puzzle
Books on Supertangrams ?
Pentominoes and other wooden puzzles, also pentominoes problems cdrom by Steve Strickland
The Nemmelgeb Murr Import Shop is the only Earth outlet for wooden puzzles (mostly polyforms) and puzzle artifacts from the galaxy of Nemmelgeb Murr. Also look for puzzle contests and articles on puzzle theory.
21stcenturygames and jigsaws.
More computer playable Jigsaw


Maybe more sites can by found at Mike Naylor's list
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Games:Puzzles
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Toys
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Games


Philos GmbH \& Co. KG: wooden games and puzzles wholesale and also packaging
Emmett's Java puzzles, also some hand crafted puzzles for sale.
Does "Put 6 identical U-shaped pieces together to form a Space Cube" sound easy ? Well, I could manage that, but then try to interlink 3 of those Space Cubes. You'll need all your dexterity to build these irritating Space Cubes (Ok I did get a free set for this review, but I managed to do the Blob !).
The Worldwide Games mail order
World Game Review
Keypress: Wei and Stan's Puzzle Selections
Escape from Alcatraz puzzle
Mozaika puzzle ball

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Riddles, Mathematical etc.

Go find the Southwest Missouri State University Problem Corner
Bill's Web Game Area
Ken Duisenberg
Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page
Mario Velucchi's or
Mario Velucchi's homepage
Interactive web games and puzzles
Welcome to WormWorld
Whuang's Games & Puzzles-link
Where did the puzzles go ?
Arlet's rec.puzzles archive
Zeno's puzzles
Some simple algebra puzzles
Mathsoft Math puzzle page
List of Journals containing problem columns
The Puzzle of the Week" site
The Ultimate Puzzle Site and in dutch
A number of playable puzzles links
Garriga's WWWorld ... Beyond the Black Stump
The Puzzle Depot
Puzzle of the Week site
Buy IT OnLine Contest
The Sphinx
AIMS Puzzle Corner - a new puzzle every month
Brain Teasers - three new puzzles each Wednesday
Puzzle Ring - a "web ring" devoted to puzzles, cryptograms, word games, mazes, logic problems
The Little Math Puzzle - varying difficulty, new puzzle each weekend
Weekly free puzzle,monthly price-puzzle. (Only puzzles in Dutch)
The Web Wizard's Math Challenge.
The "Official" Page of Puzzles
home of Enchanted Mind.
Ken's Puzzle site
The Fun and Challenging Mystery Website (a online detective `book' ?)
Puzzle Contest
SMSU Problem Corner and the SMSU High School Problem Page.
Geometry Forum-Problem of the Week
Once upon a time there were several problems with the chernobyl eagles as main characters. Recently I have seen a charming WWW page with those multy-head pets, which includes a link to the original author.
Cool Puzzles

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The Maze Man's Puzzling Computer Services: mazeman or mazeman or index
The web's coolest virtual maze ?
Mazes by ???
Maze server by Donald Dodson
Doolhoven van Thomas W. de Boer (in dutch)

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Java Implementations

Why archive them myself when it is already being done by:
The Gamelan Java Archive
Some of my favourites:
Sliding Piece Puzzles by Hirofumi Fujiwara
Emmett Henderson's collection of various puzzles
Dropsession puzzle game by Erwin Bonsma (or here ?)
Text puzzles by Andrei Grigoriev
Not in java but using Frames puzzles
The burr puzzles site or this one

Here are some often asked questions and their answers about the site above:
(straigth from the author)

Q: Can I run the java applet on my local machine?
A: With this new site you can. Here is how:

0) create a local directory where you can put all the files.
1) go to the build your own burrs page
- save this page (BuildPage.html) from your broser to disk
- save the background picture and logo used in this page
(if you want to see them, otherwise you can edit the page)
2) goto, either:
a) -
b) or, if you have Microsoft's Internet Explorer:
3) save also this page/file to disk
3) unzip this last file to get all the standard class files
3) point your browser to your local BuildPage.html file.

Q: Is the source code to this applet available
A: Unfortunately no. The code is the property of IBM and not available at this time.
If I get all the legal clearances I might make it available sometime in the future.

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mechanical puzzles, paradoxes, optical illusions
IBM patent server
Slocum puzzle foundation
Puzzle Archive from rec.puzzles
Robot can play with the Cube
What to do with lot's of Rubik's cubes and spare time
More such designs and some cube solution information
Cube Records
Cryptogram Corner by James A. Parsly

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More about games rather than about puzzles

Agafonov's Draughts/Checkers Club
Pente (software)
Nine Men's Morris and 15 puzzle document
Strategic games (rules,faq,software)
The Object Orientation Game (shareware)
The American Game Collectors Association
Cool Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzle software
Chess variants

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Once recently found

I should probably rename this category, as I now usually add entries directly to the appropriate categories.

Panthera's Puzzle Contest
Puzzle University
amUous Mind Puzzles (maintained by David S McMeans)
Bob Hart's puzzles
Claudio Mauceri
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Every week we have a new puzzle and a chance to win a cool prize. Click on the Brain Bender of the Week icon
This is worth to look at (putnam exams and about 400 math problems)
the monthly waidsoft trivia page.
A WWW page that is devoted to electronics oriented puzzles and brain teasers.
Come visit Wm. Spear Design's Puzzle page
Zoma's Land O"Logic
A WWW labyrinth of European languages
But what is here
Win a free Maine Antique Digest mug contest
Java puzzles at Puzzlers by Don
Follow the Toys & Hobbies link to the U.S.Toy Store Directory by Pause Magazine
Puzzles, riddles, trivia and FREE prizes by duJour
A online murder mystery in Cliffton, Ohio
A division and other problems
Cube Move Tester in Java by Justin
the Grey Labyrinth for graphical puzzles ?
The Electric Origami Shop
Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, puzzles
Puzzler (japanese puzzle magazine)
Recreational Mathematics
GREEN EGGS REPORT for news:rec.puzzles
Domain of the Cube
Mathematical Recreations
HockeyPuck puzzle solution ?
Geometry Forum puzzles
Bitz Puzzles
Exploring Math Through Puzzles
Math problems
Mike Naylor
Find the Philosopher's Stone by Graeme Whittle
More JakeWeb Challenges
Scientific puzzle page
Omnibus puzzle
Human Calculator: division and multiplication

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Newsgroups and Mailing lists

List of lists 
Rec.puzzles Newsgroup 
The Cube-Lovers mailing list 

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List of lists

Lislis is a electronic text that include the notice of 42 mailing lists for puzzles, recreational mathematics, board and strategic games, word games and another perplexing things.

You can email the listkeeper who will send you the text in a mail message; or take a look at Lislis

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If you do not know who Nob is then you probably do not want to go to NOBNET

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Rec.puzzles Newsgroup

From the weekly FAQ:
The entire rec.puzzle-archive is accessible via anonymous FTP, from any site which maintains archives of the newsgroups news.answers or rec.answers. One such site is, where the archive is in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/puzzles/archive. The file part01 contains the index. The remaining files contain alternating problem text and solution text for all the puzzles.

Some other FTP sites are: Compressed plain text. zzles/archive Compressed plain text. /pub/mirrors/

WEB Linked to the gopher server immediately above. Unknown date; partially HTMLized. By keyword as well as subject.

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The Cube-Lovers mailing list

The traffic on Cube-Lovers is highly variable. We will sometimes go for several months with no traffic at all. Other times there will be five messages a day for a week. So don't expect to receive any mail anytime soon, but don't be scared off if this greeting message is immediately followed by a small flurry of mail. You should also expect a fair amount of mathematically sophisticated discussion -- but don't worry if you're not a professional group theorist, we also talk about things like how to lubricate your cube, how to make pretty patterns, and where to buy cubes and related puzzles.
REMEMBER: Our addresses are Cube-Lovers@AI.MIT.EDU for submissions and Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU for administrivia. Save this message somewhere so you don't forget about Cube-Lovers-Request. If you ever want to be -removed- from Cube-Lovers, your request should be sent to Cube-Lovers-Request. If you forget, and send mail concerning your subscription to the entire list, you should expect to be chastised -- that mistake is considered particularly annoying by Internet old-timers. Please note that Cube-Lovers-Request is processed by a human being, not a computer program (such as LISTSERV or Majordomo). If your request is not instantly processed, it is because I don't spend my entire life reading my electronic mail. I do know how to interpret many of the commands typically sent to such programs, but I would prefer it if instead you can remember to address me in complete sentences. If you are interested in the archives of the Cube-Lovers mailing list: Using FTP, connect to FTP.AI.MIT.EDU, login as "anonymous" (any password), and in the directory "pub/cube-lovers" you will find at least the twenty three (compressed) files "cube-mail-0.gz" through "cube-mail-22.gz". In addition, the file "recent-mail" contains a copy of the currently active section of the mail archive. (Unfortunately, due to the way mail works here at the AI Lab, it is not possible to have new mail accumulate directly into this file, so there may be some delay before a new message arrives here.) There is also a sub-directory, "contrib", that contains software and other goodies contributed by our readers. Finally, the file "README" contains the information you are currently reading. On the World Wide Web you can access this archive using the URL
You can also find an indexed database of the Cube-Lovers mail archives at: failed once)
Thanks to Alan Bawden.

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For suggestions, questions and other remarks, you could try emailing me, the old email address here hasn't worked in a long time.


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